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Loon Neckvest Lanyard 5

SKU: F0008 Varumärke: Loon

Stay organized and keep everything essential close with the Loon Outdoors Neckvest Lanyard 5. This lanyard has five detachable and interchangeable clips allowing you quick access to the Hot Box, Nippers, Bottoms Up Caddy plus two other pieces of equipment. The Loon Neckvest Lanyard 5 features an adjustable length, a comfortable neckpiece and a tippet holder making it a great choice for any angler wanting to keep their gear handy.

• Lanyard for fly-fishing gear eliminates digging through fishing vest pockets
• Adjustable length helps you find the perfect fit
• Foam neckpiece adds comfort
• Five interchangeable, detachable clips for Hot Box, Nippers, and Bottoms Up Caddy and 2 pieces of your choice
• Tippet holder for managing tippet spools

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