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Vision XO Slow Intermediate lina

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For autumn 2017 we will introduce slow intermediate (SloMo) version for especially coastal seatrout and general stillwater fishing. Available in classes #6- #8.

XO is our most advanced flyline. It has our new STD™ taper making it one of the easiest casting all round fly lines. XO has a super slick and strong HiFlo™ coating. It also features varying hardness coatings in different parts of the line; the head being softer allowing you to push arrow shaped tight loops and the runningline being harder for carrying extra-long over hangs and ultimate shootability. Due to XO's long rear taper and the fact that the line casts well no matter how much head is out we felt that the line doesn't have to be two-toned.

• Small loops on both ends
• Clear markings of the line weight near the tip
• Head lenght 16 m. Total length 30 m

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